Sankara’s Virtual Cooking Competition

Put on those cooking gloves and slide on your favorite apron!

List of ingredients and recipe must be submitted via email to by Wednesday, August 18, 9:00pm PST

Virtual Cooks ( VC ) Groups( only 15 entries/group )

  1. VC 1 Ages 7-12 ( with parent assistance )
  2. VC 2 Ages 13-18 ( independent )

Competition Rules


No: dairy, dairy products, honey, eggs; Minimal oil, no frying; Choose from two ingredient groups below:

  1. Seasonal spring-summer vegetable/s
  2. Grains/pulses
  3. Seasonal fruit dessert ( the more natural, the better )

How to Set Up for the Competition

Judging Criteria

Click here to read about our judge Ms. Bhuwana Chander

  1. Organizational Skills
  2. Set Up/Clean Up
  3. Creativity in using allowed ingredients/nutrition/cooking methods
  4. Presentation ( colors, display etc )
  5. Nutritional Value


  1. Each of the two age groups will have one winner chosen by the judge and one popular vote via Zoom polls
  2. Judge’s winners and their family will receive one complementary personal cooking class with the judge Ms. Bhuwana Chander
  3. Popular vote winners will receive a gift card
  4. All participants and winners will receive certificates and up to four community service hours