Sri Kanchi Matam Hospital, Tirupati


Vaidya Seva at Tirupati

2005- A beginning  The free out-patient ( OP ) clinic was started in 2005 at Kanchi Math Paduka Mandapam at Alipiri, Tirupati  with the benign blessings of HH Pujyashri Shankaracharya Swamigal to serve rural & urban  population in & around Tirupati. Initially started to support the proposed Medical College, the  centre continues to function as an out-patient ( OP ) centre in General Medicine, Ophthalmology & Dental  departments. Known as Kanchi Matham Hospital locally, the centre now collects Rs.20/25 from patients for any check-up, review, diagnosis and gives free medicines. The centre was  not operational during the pandemic as permission to operate such centres was restricted. 

A New Building  

A plot was acquired for a 33 year lease from TTD for the sole purpose of building a medical  centre. The OP centre is being shifted to a plot just opposite the Math. All permissions for  centre received and construction is on. The inner plastering is complete and exterior  plastering is on. It is expected to be completed around Adi Sankara Jayanti and Gruhapravesham is to be performed on 4th June – an auspicious day, after which  operations will be commenced.

A Service Facility  

The entire project is undergoing a revamp and it has been decided that the Kanchi Math Medical centre will be an independent service facility under Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam. As per the desire of His Holiness the facility will offer  free service with support of donors.

Contributing to Vaidya Seva at Tirupati

The staff will comprise of four doctors, four assistants, two service staff and two maintenance workers. The total expenses are approximately $4500/month including staff salary, medicines, electricity and other operational expenses.