Education-Sankara College of Nursing for Women

Creating the Next Generation of Nurses through Nursing Education 

There are only around 1.7 nurses per 1000 people in India at the moment. The World Health Organization’s recommendation is three nurses for a population of 1000 people

Nurses make up the majority of care givers in the healthcare industry and are essential to providing quality treatment to the patients. India’s healthcare sector is in need of qualified nurses who are not only technically sound but also have specialized skills in various fields and are up to date on the most recent medical technology.

Overall there are 1,200 institutions in India providing various levels of education in health, including certificate courses, diplomas, undergraduate and post-graduate courses with the duration ranging from 1 year for some diploma courses to 5 years for a regular undergraduate course. The need for qualified and skilled Nurses is very high and the recent Covid crisis highlighted the great role played by them. India is facing an acute shortage of trained nurses that results in the loss of many precious lives. According to a World Health Organization (WHO) report published last year, India would require at least 4.2 million more trained nurses by 2024 to take care of its over 1.44 billion expected population.

Sankara’s response

It is in this context that the nursing education exclusively for girls covering rural population of Kanchipuram District seeks to help Women, particularly, first generation educated women become graduates and enter the work force. It is also worthy of mention that 70% of the students hail from rural villages. Thus this college is striving to address the need for upliftment of the socially and economically challenged population of rural India.

The College which is exclusively for Women has been setup to provide qualitative training to deserving women seeking a career in Healthcare, and meets and exceeds every requirement to deliver value. The College has an excellent in-house faculty of highly competent and qualified teaching staff who are committed and excited to be part of the journey to produce outstanding graduates.

This college is accredited and affiliated to Dr. MGR Medical University and Sankara Multi Specialty Hospital – a 100-bed modern, well equipped hospital providing low to no-cost major medical services to the population in and around Kanchipuram. The trainees are thus assured an outstanding opportunity to become fully trained in all aspects of Nursing both from an classroom educational and a clinical perspective.  


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