Project HEAL-Seattle

Project HEAL is a nutrition based approach to a healthy life. In multiple studies done by different teams in the scientific and medical communities, healthy plant-based lifestyles have proved to enable the human body to repair itself.

Project HEAL is born of the belief that vulnerable populations and well-to-do communities alike will benefit from a healthy plant-based diet. Project HEAL was launched in Boston in June 2018 and in Seattle in August 2019. Together we have served close over 20,000 plant-based meals in shelters. In Seattle, our volunteers cook and serve plant based, homemade meals for the women’s shelters operated by Sophia Way.

Our volunteers cook several lunches and dinners every month for several shelters in the local Seattle area:

1.Sophia’s Way Women’s Day and Emergency Shelters in Bellevue

2. Sophia’s Way Women’s Shelter at Helen’s Place in Kirkland

3. Congregation for the Homeless Men’s Shelter in Bellevue

4. Seattle’s Gospel Union Men’s Shelter in Seattle

5. Hope Place Women’s Shelter in Seattle

6. Seattle’s Gospel Union Search & Rescue Team in Burien

We like to involve kids in this work through our monthly sandwich services where we drop off 400 peanut butter and fresh fruit preserve sandwiches for the Seattle’s Gospel Union’s Search and Rescue team.

If you would like to join our work or have ideas please email us

Volunteer Guidelines