Our inspirational gurus

The word Sankara means the one who does good. Adi Sankara was a revered saint philosopher who lived in India 2500 years ago and produced seminal change in the society.

His works are relevant even today. A very relevant treatise is his Prashnōttara Ratna Mālikā which means a garland of questions and answers wherein he poses a question and answers it.

किम् भाग्यं देहवताम् – What is good fortune for those with a body?
आरोग्यम् – Good health.

कुत्र विधेयो यत्नः – Where is the effort ordained?
विद्याभ्यासे सदौषधे दाने In studies, good medicine and charity

We take our mission’s inspiration from his works and from the current acharyas of his unbroken lineage, the current preceptors of the Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam.

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