SHF sponsors and/or underwrites projects in non-profit hospitals in India with the goals of community driven care in helping people be healthy and productive.

In our partner hospitals and outreach programs, we touch a half million lives each year, enabling them to live healthy lives.

   Thousands of people are touched by our health camps each year!

These are our currently active projects

Wellness on Wheels
Eye Care
Medical camps
Healthy Eating and Living (HEAL)

Take a minute (and we mean it – just one minute each!) to watch these videos to understand the impact of our work.

In our wellness on wheels program, our aims are

  • bringing quality cancer care protocols to the grantee institution
  • bringing cancer education to the patient population catered to by the grantee
  • bringing screening and diagnostic expertise to the care providers at the grantee

In our prosthetic program, we aim to

  • make people with physical disabilities (that can fixed with a prosthetic) productive and independent
  • innovate and reduce the cost of prosthetics as we expand the program across the nation
  • provide mobility aids to those that will benefit from it

In Project HEAL we aim to

  • advocate for a healthy, wholesome plant-based diet for all
  • provide a healthy, wholesome plant-based meal to the homeless
  • provide care kits to those in need