Reviving Ayurveda – Impact of Plant Based Lifestyles Since the Times of Ancient Bharat

RSVP to attendSaturday, Oct 21st, 4-5pm, Redmond Library, Meeting Room 1

Join us for a meeting with Padma Shri Dr. Darshan Shankar, a renowned Ayurveda expert with over 50 years of experience. As we age, many seek natural pathways to health. Dr. Darshan, alongside Prof. Dr. Gurmeet Singh and Dr. Leena Wadia, will discuss Ayurveda’s advancements and the revival of India’s medical heritage.

Dr. Darshan’s contributions include:

  1. Founding the University of Trans-Disciplinary Health Sciences and Technology (TDU) in Bangalore in 2013, dedicated to rejuvenating India’s medical heritage.
  2. Establishing the Institute for Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine (IAIM) in 2011, a 100-bed hospital in Bangalore that serves all, regardless of financial status.
  3. Both institutions are under the Foundation for Revitalization of Local Health Traditions (FRLHT), founded in 1993.

IAIM, funded by Tata Trusts and inaugurated by Mr. Ratan Tata in 2010, integrates Ayurveda’s holistic methods with modern biomedicine. A 100-bed hospital with unwavering commitment to quality healthcare, independent of financial abilities, this facility provides holistic natural healthcare for most ailments today. Visit for more details.

TDU ( uniquely merges Ayurveda with biology, enhancing biological understanding. Their initiatives include:

  1. Personalized plant-based nutrition addressing anemia and malnutrition.
  2. Sustainable proteins for dietary needs and climate change mitigation.
  3. Ayurvedic approaches to glucose and lipid metabolism.
  4. Modern biological studies of Ayurvedic nootropics for cognitive health.
  5. ‘Pashu-ayurveda’ for reducing antibiotic use in livestock.
  6. Conservation of 6580+ medicinal plants in collaboration with state forest departments.
  7. Clinical research on Ayurvedic treatment efficacy.
  8. A Citizens Portal with a digital collection of 17,000+ medical manuscripts.
  9. Varied educational programs and an incubator for TDU and IAIM innovations.

TDU, IAIM and FRLHT have garnered accolades like the Commonwealth Award, Norman Borlaug Award, UN Equator Initiative Prize, and Padma Bhushan and Padma Shri.

Dr. Darshan Shankar

Dr. Gurmeet Singh

Dr. Leena Wadia