Support us

Your support is crucial to our work, be it providing care to the needy in India or to the vulnerable in the USA. Please consider supporting us.

Sankara Healthcare Foundation, Inc. (formerly Sankara Cancer Foundation) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and does not receive funds from government, religious or other groups. Funds for developing our programs are raised through charitable contributions of generous and community-spirited donors like you.

There are many ways to support SHF. Our generous donors, volunteers and event sponsors help us provide invaluable and needed funds to support implement the programs in communities where they are sorely needed.

Recurring and one-time gifts via credit card

If you wished to give us a monetary gift right now please do so at


You could alternately send us your gift via check to

Sankara Healthcare Foundation, Inc.
21 Stratton way
Northborough, MA 01532

Planned Giving

Planning your donation can take many forms. It can be as simple as setting up a recurring annual donation, requesting your employer to provide a corporate matching grant, to setting up memorials and bequests, to sponsoring events or just donating online. These are just a few of the ways  that you can support SHF financially.

Donor Advised Funds Giving

If you have a donor advised fund, you can advise the fund to donate to our cause. DAF Direct provides an easy way to donate to us from your advised fund.

Annual Giving

Our most reliable form of donation is via recurring annual gifts from our donors. This generous act is doubled in effectiveness when the donation is also matched by your employer. Employer matching grants literally tend to double the vast majority of the gifts.

Capital Donations

A very effective way for institutions to contribute to our efforts is via making capital contributions to any of the projects that we are helping implement. Capital and equipment donations, in lieu of financial contributions are equally valuable when there is a specific need that is met.


We believe volunteers don’t just do the hard work, we believe the they are the reason it works. If you believe you can make a difference call us or write to us. We can work with you and together we can make a difference!

It can be as simple as hosting bake parties to more involved events such as musical and culture fund raisers, or other events that help you spread the word.


You can donate while you shop!!

Car Donations

You can donate your used vehicle to us through our vehicle donation partner shown below.
Vehicle Donation

Event Sponsorships

We depend on community organizations and local businesses to sponsor our fundraising events to help us spread the word about the problems we are solving. We believe this is mutually beneficial since our donors, in turn, like to support businesses and community organizations that show concern and support for issues that our donors care about.

If you are such an organization, then call us and help us reach our goals and we’ll help you reach yours!