Internship In India

Volunteer Internship Reports

Pranaya Srinivasan

Shiv Vinodshankar

Current volunteers of Sankara and members of their immediate household(siblings/children/parents) are welcome to apply for volunteer internship opportunities with our partner hospitals in India.

Sankara’s internship program is aimed at providing opportunities to our volunteers and their families to experience first-hand the different aspects of delivery of health care in non-profit partner hospitals in India.

Who is eligible? – Current volunteers(and members of their household). Applicants must be age 15 and up at the time of application and satisfy one of the three criteria below:

1. Served a shelter through Project HEAL and volunteered for at least twenty-four hours over the last twelve months (OR)
2. Served a shelter through Project HEAL and volunteered for at least twelve hours over the last twelve months AND raised funds for Sankara (OR)
3. Raised funds for Sankara over the last twelve months

*contact to learn more about the fundraising requirements

What are the requirements? – (1)Selected applicants must arrange for their accommodation, food and transportation to and from the hospitals (2) Applicants must commit to two consecutive weeks, Monday to Friday (3) Applicants must submit an internship report at the end of the duration in order to receive a completion letter

Will the time spent at the hospitals count as volunteer hours? – You will spend time learning as well as performing tasks as needed. Time spent performing tasks will be recorded by our hospitals and may be counted towards volunteer hours. Availability of volunteer tasks is not guaranteed, as it depends on each hospital’s schedules and projects at the time. Time spent in learning/observing/training will not count towards volunteer hours. Training time will however be taken into consideration when providing letters of recommendation if requested.

Dates and deadlines – Summer internship may be completed June-August with applications due by June 1st. Winter internship may be completed December-January with applications due by October 31st. Application packet is available at Sankara India Internship Application

Which hospitals will we volunteer at? – Which specific hospital is open each year will depend on each of our hospital’s availability. Let us know your preferred hospital from the list of our hospitals here , and we will let you know if they are accepting interns.

What types of activities will we be doing? – Interns will work through various departments in the hospital learning and providing assistance as needed. They may be assigned to projects and medical camps if they are scheduled during the internship.

What if we have more questions? – please email