Pammal Sankara Eye Hospitals

Pammal SEH

The Pammal Sankara Eye Hospitals are a venerated group of hospitals making a difference in people’s lives daily since 1994. They offer a full spectrum of eye care from general examinations to comprehensive treatment of complex medical and surgical eye conditions. With three hospitals in Tamil Nadu (Pammal, Nanganallur and Perambur) and one hospital in Odisha (Samarjhola) SEH has performed millions of screenings and performed over 200,000 surgeries of which 50%-80% were free.

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SEH Pammal

SEH Pammal was established an eye care facility in 1994 and became an exclusive eye hospital in 1997. It is now a Tertiary Eye Care Centre as well as an Academic & Research Centre. SEH Pammal has so far screened 19,32,000 persons and performed 2,77,187 surgeries of which 2,22,180 (80%) were free

SEH Nanaganallur

Established in 2004 SEH Nanganallur is a Secondary Eye Care Center. It has screened 40,168 people and performed 1091 surgeries

SEH Samarjhola in Odisha was established in 2016 as a Tertiary Eye Care Center. Spread across a 4.5 acres campus it has screened 1,45,210 people and performed 6997 surgeries, of which 57% were free

Vision Center Perambur

The Vision Center in Perambur was established in 2015. Since then 6368 people have been screened and 341 surgeries have been performed