Bhuwana Chander

Mrs. Bhuwana Chander

Bhuwana is a Chartered Accountant (CPA) and spent her early career working as a finance professional in the Consumer Goods and Banking industry. She was always passionate about cooking from a very young age. This led her to completely switch career from being a banker to a Chef 10 years ago.

She attended The Midwest Culinary Institute, Cincinnati, Ohio, to do an intensive diploma program in Culinary arts. She is a certified American Chef now residing with her family in Mercer Island, Washington. She has lived in many countries including Singapore, China, Philippines and Australia. Her passion for cooking coupled with an immense interest in other food cultures, led her to learn and explore various foods across the globe.

Bhuwana is particularly passionate about cooking Asian food like Thai, Chinese and Korean cuisines. She started teaching cooking to her expatriate friends in her various postings abroad which kindled an interest in teaching to cook. She enjoyed this very much and took it as a challenge to teach cooking to people who are intimidated by cooking or to those who claim themselves as “bad cooks”. Her cooking class was named “Anyone can Cook” with this idea in mind.

Her goal is also to encourage kids to start cooking at an early age, so that they are comfortable to make themselves a meal at home with simple fresh ingredients. Bhuwana strongly believes that cooking is an important life skill which leads children to become healthy eaters who understand food. Cooking is a spiritual experience for her and she is very happy to welcome anyone that wants to be part of this realm in her classes, hoping that they would enjoy and learn in the experience as much as she does.