Project HEAL during COVID-19

During these uncertain times we are grateful to the nurses, doctors and all other healthcare professionals in the front lines as they help those infected by COVID. 

While we are all trying to flatten the curve for the spread of COVID-19 Sankara and its volunteers across the USA have sprung into action during the COVID crisis to help the community, the first responders and the needy in an unprecedented way.

Food donations through HEAL

Sankara’s Project HEAL (Healthy Eating and Living) has been serving thousands of meals to those in need at local shelters and soup kitchens in Boston, Seattle, San Francisco and St. Louis.

Project HEAL’s volunteers and donors have served over 30,000 plant-based meals across America to date ( as of Dec 2020 ), over half of which were served just since the COVID lockdowns went into effect.

Given the COVID-19 situation however many shelters and organizations accept food only from commercial kitchens. Sankara is working with local restaurants to have the plant-based meals professionally cooked and boxed for these guests. 

If you would like to sponsor a meal you can make a donation via Project HEAL