HMH Tambaram

Hindu Mission Hospital in Tambaram was established as a nonprofit institution in 1982 to cater to the local community. Today the hospital stands as a majestic landmark both medically and as a service organization of repute. Hindu Mission hospital is a charity institution serving the needs of the community.

Over the years the hospital has developed into a high quality facility with operations in cardiology, orthopedics, neurology, as well as other specialities. Apart from its medical services and high quality patient care the hospital has a very strong teaching program which includes a school of nursing and college of nursing.

With the support of the local community and donors the hospital has now grown into a 220 bed multi-specialty hospital with 9 operation theatres, 6 ambulances, and a well-equipped accident and trauma care center.

The rapid growth of the hospital has been driven by its ability to add new equipment, staff and departments every year. In the last year, the hospital has established an eye bank, a corneal transplant institute, a research center, and a fellowship in clinical diabetology. This has led to an ever increasing demand from the patients for newer and better facilities that the hospital strives to achieve.

The hospital maintains and improves its facilities through generous donations from philanthropists, other institutions, and patrons.

For more information about HMH Tambaram, please visit the health services webpage.

ICU Expansion Project

The hospital currently has a 16 bed ICU providing critical care to the patients in need. Given the increasing patient demand, the institution is keen to upgrade the ICU and scale up the facilities.

Your generous donations can make this possible!