Project HEAL Boston

Project HEAL in Boston started in the summer of 2018 with 200 meals a month for one night a month at the East Boston Community soup kitchen. With the help if donors and volunteers we now serve home-cooked, plant-based meals for eight local shelters including:

1. South Middlesex Opportunity Council – Worcester Shelter

2. Our Father’s House Inc, Fitchburg, MA

3. Shadows Shelter – Ashland, MA

4. Roland’s House – Marlboro, MA

5. Lowell Transitional Living Center, Lowell, MA

6. East Boston Community Soup Kitchen, Boston, MA

7. Abby’s House, Worcester MA

8. Community Care Alliance Woonsocket Homeless Shelter, Woonsocket, RI

Our dedicated volunteers, adults and children, cook fresh, nutritious, organic, hot, plant-based meals in shelters. From soups, pasta, fresh green salads and fresh fruit salads to different world cuisines our volunteers help those in need with plant-powered meals.

If you would like to volunteer to join our work please email us