The hemodialysis program is a project that is done in conjunction with our partner hospitals HMHS Nanganallur , Hindu Mission Trichy and Sankara Multispecialty Hospital.

While healthy kidneys have several functions in the body, the most well-known job is to produce urine. When kidney function goes below 10% to 15% kidneys are no longer able to filter the blood and make urine. This causes toxins to build up in the body along with excess fluid.

With increasing diabetic populations, the number of patients who will require hemodialysis is bound to increase in future – putting a strain on the existing hemodiaysis unit. Of all diseases, mortality caused by diabetes will have the highest increase by 2030.

In Chennai alone, the prevalence of diabetes has gone up ten-fold in the past 40 years. On average, after 15 years, one-third of patients with type I diabetes develop diabetic nephropathy resulting in chronic kidney disease, kidney damage and/or renal failure.

In Chennai, the reported prevalence is 0.86% in the project population and 1.39% in the control region. The prevalence of chronic renal failure in Delhi (defined as serum creatinine more than 1.8 mg/dL) to be 0.79 % or 7852 per million/population. The incidence of end stage renal disease is based on 572,029 subjects residing in city of Bhopal suggests that the average crude and age adjusted incidence rates of end stage renal disease were 151 and 232 per million population respectively.

Hemodialysis is a life saving procedure used to aid patients with chronic kidney disease.

Currently, the hemodialysis unit at HMHS is equipped with 3 hemodialysis machines and HMH Trichy is equipped with 6 machines. At present, the unit is working on a tight schedule with 50 new cases each week and approximately 200 new cases each month.

Our partners look to expand and improve it hemodialysis services to benefit those who cannot afford the procedure. The hemodialysis units at these hospitals need money to double their capacity to cope with the needs of the popualtion.

We need your generous donations to make this happen.

The average cost of the Haemodialysis per patient per sitting is approximately $100.