MySankara – Microcharity Initiative

Sankara’s Microcharity Initiative (my-Sankara) is a way to allow donors to give a little and heal a lot!

Through my-Sankara, you can give as little as $11 per month and make a huge difference in the lives of those in need, be it providing life saving dialysis services, providing prostheses, opening eyes with cataract surgeries, or one of any number of medical services our hospitals provide.

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Some quotes from Pammal Sankara Eye Hospital beneficiaries

Darshan lost his vision after some objects, possibly dust, got  lodged in his eyes. They took very good care of us. Until it was over, we did not expect him to get his eyesight back” – Sukita, mother of Darshan (the child in the middle picture above)


“I can now see with both my eyes. It is god’s gift to me through Sankara” 


My Sankara Healers

My Sankara Healers are volunteers and well wishers who wish to raise funds for Sankara’s projects through their personal initiatives. We recognize and salute them here. Their personal fundraiser donation buttons are available here as well.

Vibha Mahalakshmi Hariharan On the occasion of her 8th birthday, Vibha and the Hariharan family wish to support Sankara’s initiatives

DonateVibha Mahalakshmi Hariharan

Shiv Vinodshankar On the occasion of his mridangam arangetram (percussion debut performance), Shiv and the Vinodshankar family wish to support Sankara’s initiatives

DonateShiv Vinodshankar Arangetram

Hamsini Kanakagiri On the occasion of her rangapravesham (Kuchipudi dance debut performance), Hamsini and the Kanakagiri family wish to support Sankara’s initiatives

DonateHamsini Kanakagiri Rangapravesham