COVID-19 India Relief

The Challenge

India is currently faced with unprecedented challenges due to the COVID 19 pandemic. As of April 29, 2021 the World Health Organization reports app. 379,000 new cases, 18,370,000 confirmed cases and 204,800 deaths due to shortage of oxygen, medications and other scarcities. 

Our Work

Our non-profit partner hospitals in India have been working overtime trying to catch up with the pace of infected patients showing up at their door steps seeking help. They are scrambling to set up COVID wards and moving offices and staff between buildings to accommodate this emergency.

Patients with mild symptoms are being treated for about five days if mild, seven to ten days if there is comorbidity and up to fourteen days in severe cases. New staff are being hired to keep the COVID staff separated from the regular staff to avoid commingling. Costs of keeping facilities sanitized, providing staff with at least three PPE kits daily, medications, CT scans, providing food for patients, paying additional staff and other operational needs are skyrocketing daily while our partner hospitals try to manage over 200 beds with COVID patients.

Our Needs

We are looking to raise $600,000.00 to help our partner hospitals provide care to those who cannot afford it.

It costs our partner hospitals $500/day on an average to help treat and nurse one patient to wellness. We treat close to 200 patients in our hospitals on a daily basis.

Please join us to support our non-profit partner hospitals and their dedicated work during these challenging times for India and the world.