Thank You Volunteers!

Our volunteers are who help us make a difference in the world around us. Please join us on Monday, November 1st at 6pm PST/9pm EST for a virtual sweets class.

Please RSVP at bit/ly/sankarasweets

Chef Bhuwana Chandar has kindly offered to teach us her simple, vegan, all-natural baklava and cashew-dates roll recipes! You can either watch her make them or gather the ingredients and join her in your kitchen and make-along!!

Here are the list of ingredients and other items  you will need to keep ready….

  1. Phyllo pastry or Filo pastry sheets – 1 pack ( do not buy Puff Pastry, which is very different from Filo and will not work for baklava. Also puff pastry is not vegan )
    ( Athens is a popular brand found easily in stores )
    2. Dates – 4 -5 cups approx
    3. Dry fruits – Almonds, pistachios ( more traditional for baklava), walnuts or other nuts of your choice. Total amounting to about 5 cups for both the sweets
    4. Khus khus – 2 tablespoons
    5. Elaichi powder -1 tsp
    6. Rose essence – optional
    7. Cinnamon stick- 2
    8. Maple syrup- 1 cup
    9. Coconut sugar -1.5 cups
    10. Olive oil -1 cup or any neutral tasting oil of your choice

Other items needed :

  1. 8 inch square baking tray, can be glass or metal ( or any size baking tray that suits your requirement)
    2.Pastry brush for brushing the oil
    3.Rolling pin
    4.Cling wrap
    5.Paper towels or cloth napkins to cover the pastry sheets from drying